Zennie Abraham, Oakland Vlogger, NFL Draft Media Veteran, 30 Years In Public’s Eye

In the week of the NFL Combine and NFL Draft, Zennie62Media celebrates Founder and CEO Zennie Abraham.

Oakland, Calif., February 26, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Oakland Vlogger, Zennie62Media founder and NFL Draft media veteran Zennie Abraham rose to the public eye as Oakland’s first (and first black) blogger vlogger and committed to media. Celebrate 30 years.

On October 16, 2023, Founder and CEO of Zennie62Media, Inc. (https://Zennie62Media.com ), Zennie62 Blog (https://zennie62blog.com/) and Zennie62 YouTube Channel (https:/ /YouTube.com /zennie62), formerly Founder and CEO of Sports Business Simulations (https://www.sportsbusinesssims.com), created Oakland’s first blog, Oakland Focus, in 2005, and is now The Oakland News Now Blog (https://www.sportsbusinesssims.com). : //oaklandnewsnowblog.com) celebrates its 30th anniversary as a celebrity, reporting news primarily in Oakland and across the United States.

For NFL Combine week, Zennie62Media will feature Bill Carroll and Zennie to talk CEOs.

On October 16, 1993, Zenny’s first newspaper column, “Zenny Abraham’s Economy,” began on the pages of Monclarion, a small publication in Oakland, California.

Zenny says: Also, my background was in urban planning, not journalism. I just completed an internship at the Oakland Redevelopment Authority, graduated with a Masters in Urban Planning program at Cal and, thanks to Alameda County Superintendent Keith Carson, served on the Alameda Base Reuse Commission. .

Zenny wanted to write about economic development in Oakland, so a friend and aide to Alameda County supervisor Keith Carson suggested that he apply for a column. And she suggested both her Auckland Tribune and Monclarion. Tribe said no, but the late Chris Treadway, then editor of Monclarion, said it would give him the crucible to learn the craft of writing.By 1994, Zennie was the most popular Oakland Alongside Peggy Stinette of the Oakland Tribune as her columnist. Peggy gave me the best advice. she’s too real

At The Monclarion, Zenny was able to shine a light on many Aucklanders and even break some stories. According to Oakland Tribune sports writer Monte Poole, one of them had broken news that the Raiders were back in Oakland. Basically, the Monclarion gig gave Zenny a specially designed position as economic advisor to Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris.

Zenny had an oversight and reporting role for “everything from Redevelopment to Raiders.” So while he was both that and a columnist for Monclarion (with the backing of Treadway) in 1996, Hills Newspaper publisher Warren “Chip” Brown called him “Major F”, which Elihu wanted. I hated what he was writing because of the strong mayor’s suggestion. Additionally, the Hills Newspaper blocked his article on author Gary Webb’s allegations that the CIA was distributing drugs through Oakland to finance the Contras.

But that didn’t stop Zennie’s work for Mayor Harris.In 1996, Zennie created a way for the Oakland Redevelopment Authority to win $4 billion, but was rejected. Raiders Exec Al LoCasale named him for the special project of restarting the 49ers/Raiders Preseason Game. That’s how he got to know the man who would become the NFL’s commissioner: Roger Goodell and the league’s vice president of government affairs Joe Brown.In 1997, Zennie moved to Oakland where he formed the Downtown Coalition and then stopped. revived his No. 14 and Broadway bus stops. He has also helped quite a few non-profits in Oakland raise funds for their projects.

After Elihu Harris completed two successful terms as Oakland mayor, Zenny was tasked with bringing the Super Bowl to Oakland. To that end, he formed the Oakland His Alameda County Sports Commission, which is still Oakland’s only sports commission.

The Oakland Super Bowl XXXIX Bid Committee chose us to be one of three finalists against Jacksonville, Oakland and Miami as the San Francisco Chronicle gave no chance and battled with the City of Oakland’s chronic desire to fail. selected the city of Then Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, who wasn’t very supportive of the initiative at first, started when Zenny was heavily publicized. At his meeting with the NFL Owners, Brown went all out. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. Jacksonville won the 2005 Super Bowl in his third ballot. Still, Zennie is proud of his SF Bay Area hotel manager and friends like sports agent Leigh Steinberg, sportswriter Mike Silver and his Mr. Poole, and Raiders CEO Amy Trask. .

In 2002, Zennie created Sports Business Simulations, the first technology startup centered around system dynamics games for the Oakland Athletics operations. In 2003 he was operating with eight contractors, thanks to his $25,000 investment from Marc Anthony Jones. zeitgeist”.

At ‘Auckland Focus’, Zennie created Oakland’s first news blog. Then, in 2004, NFL’s Joe Brown invited Zenny to cover his 2005 NFL Draft in New York City. In 2006, Zennie was the first person to cover the NFL Draft onsite on his YouTube channel. In 2007, Zennie partnered with Ustream to stream his NFL Draft live onsite. Overall, Zennie62 YouTube has more onsite NFL Draft YouTube videos than any other individual or media his outlet.

In 2007, Zeni participated in the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate. His “coin question” led to national television appearances on CNN and his ABC. In 2008, Zenny was invited to be one of his first 128 bloggers to cover the Democratic National Convention. At the convention, Barack Obama was elected the first black Democratic presidential nominee. The rest is history.

In 2010, Zennie launched the Zennie62Media brand, with the blogger family Nikky Raney, Melissa Rubin, Keith Dobkowski, Bill Carroll, Richard Haick, Vinny Lospinuso, Donald Richardson, Jessica Dwyer, Joseph Armendariz, and Anthony Carrillo being the most active. I am active. video blogger. Beware of vloggers. The blogger turned his vlogging and formed the basis of Zennie62Media, Inc. Keith Dobkowski took what he learned from Zennie, started the LegalBall sports law website, worked for Fox and then NFL Media.

Zennie62Media, Inc. is a Delaware C-Corporation incorporated on December 17, 2019. Zennie built it because they were already doing content development and reputation work for their clients, but they believed a better way to raise money would be to set it up as a startup. Can be purchased or published. ā€œI spend most of my time coding and cybersecurity, so I was already running a tech startup,ā€ he says Zennie.

Expanding Zennie62Media, Inc.’s network of news blogs and vlogs is the next step in this journey in Zennie’s public life. Zennie62Media, Inc was founded three years ago and is currently seeking foreign-based investors.

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