Zengage Learning’s Cryptocurrency Job Preparation: An Attainable Path to Wealth Building

Unprecedented Extensive Cryptocurrency Education Program Includes Crypto Job Preparation and Career Readiness Skills Training

New York City, NY, February 25, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – As a professional career development specialist with over 25 years of experience, Sharon Shapiro has helped hundreds of people get high paying jobs as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, business owner and consultant. She said, “I’m working on a crypto job prep program. The cryptocurrency wealth building series has to be my most rewarding project yet. The Zengage Learning team has developed a very unique opportunity for beginners to enter the cryptocurrency industry. Low cost and zero risk,” Professor Shapiro shares with his fellow attendees at the cryptocurrency conference in Singapore.

Leonard Cox, Founder and CEO of Zengage Learning, added: The crypto asset building series covers all stages and aspects of the industry and market. crypto job preparation resources, training, And with 100% placement assistance, the program guarantees participants non-technical remote entry-level cryptocurrency jobs that pay over $100,000 annually in most cases. ”

Mark Robinson, the company’s chief learning officer, told members of the California Teachers Association: “We provide the essential basic education for people to validate and demonstrate their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and ensure that they are considered qualified candidates for fast-growing, high-demand, and high-paying jobs. We also offer unlimited 100% job placement assistance.”

The non-technical cryptocurrency job market is growing exponentially. Also, the industry is fairly new, so there is a shortage of qualified candidates. This is the perfect time for anyone to pursue a professional crypto job.

Encrypted Job Preparation and Education participants identify themselves to prospective employers and recruiters by providing cover letters, resumes, excellent interview skills, certificates of achievement and program validation letters. can stand out. All powered by the Zengage Learning Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series program.

“Like toddlers learning to count and recite the alphabet for the first time, anyone who accepts a crypto career readiness program is destined to become a highly paid crypto expert. We are 123 and ABC preparing for cryptocurrency work,” adds Professor Cox.

For more information on the Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series Crypto Job Prep Program, free courses and resources, visit cryptojobprep.com.

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