Zengage Learning Launches Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series Job Preparation Program

Our unique dual-study Career Readiness Program prepares newcomers for entry-level cryptocurrency jobs that pay $100,000 or more per year.

New York City, NY, February 24, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The Cryptocurrency Asset Building Series provides extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry and markets. The program currently includes paid employment opportunities through job readiness training and support services. Preparing for a cryptocurrency job is the most widely attainable path to building wealth in the digital economy.

Developed in collaboration with professors from top universities such as Harvard, the content of the Cryptocurrency Building Series goes hand in hand with the model presented in the one-year certificate program costing up to $12,000. The cryptocurrency education and job readiness program consists of 12 concise and comprehensive courses and is very affordable.

Mark Robinson, Chief Learning Officer at Zengage Learning, said:

Upon completing the Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series program, participants will have access to a dedicated Career Development Specialist. Dedicated career development specialists provide the support and resources you need to pursue remote entry-level, non-technical cryptocurrency jobs that pay $100,000 or more. Participants will also receive support in writing a resume and cover letter, interview techniques, program confirmations, and references to open positions. Employment support is unlimited and continuous.

Since cryptocurrencies are fairly new, there just aren’t enough experienced people to fill the large number of high-paying and fast-growing non-tech jobs available today. For this reason, most major companies offer internships and entry-level opportunities through on-the-job training. These jobs do not require a college degree. They require applicants to demonstrate a good knowledge of cryptocurrencies to companies and recruiters during interviews and in their resumes.

With a focus on non-technical opportunities for beginners and novices, but broad in scope, the cryptocurrency job readiness program helps participants pursue nearly any area of ​​the crypto industry. Including technical careers and professional investment and trading activities.

From history to technical analysis, each course in the Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series includes audiovisual lessons and eBook study guides. With optional evaluation test and certificate. This program, which includes cryptography job preparation and preparatory skills, requires a minimum of one year to complete. Numerous supplementary resources and reference materials reinforce the basic foundation of cryptocurrency.

Anyone can begin their Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series education and crypto job preparation program by enrolling in free resources and courses at cwbseries.com.

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