YouTube’s Queue System Now Under Testing for Android, IOS Apps

Washington, December 26: Video-sharing platform YouTube, owned by technology giant Google, has begun testing a queuing system on its iOS and Android operating systems. According to American technology news website The Verge, the feature has been available on the web for years and will appear in the YouTube app under certain circumstances.

People controlling Chromecast on their mobile phones are likely aware of it, as are people using the YouTube Music app. YouTube Premium users who have opted into the test now will be able to add videos to stacks, which act like temporary playlists, according to the outlet. YouTube has announced an iPhone home screen widget that instantly opens the search for Home, Shorts, and Subscriptions.

With this feature enabled, users will see a new menu of three vertical dots displayed on video thumbnails.[キューの最後に再生]You will have access to the button. It has been reported that YouTube may limit access to 4K videos to premium users only.

A tap adds the video to the bottom of the queue. If you are not currently watching a video, a new queue will be created. When the video you are watching finishes, the app will start playing the next video in the queue and continue playing to the end. In addition to moving videos, users can also remove videos from the queue.

Closing the app entirely or closing the player by pressing the ‘x’ button on the bottom bar clears the queue, reports The Verge.

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