YouTube tests Queue system feature for iOS, Android apps

SAN FRANCISCO: Video streaming platform YouTube is reportedly testing a queue system feature for its iOS and Android apps.

According to The Verge, the feature has been available on the web for several years and will appear in the YouTube app under certain conditions.

With this feature enabled, users will see a new[キューの最後を再生]find the button.

Tapping it will let the user add the video to the bottom of the queue or create a new queue if they haven’t watched it.

Reports show that when the user finishes watching a video, the app starts playing the next video in the queue and continues until there are no more videos.

Additionally, the queue is removed when the user exits the app or shuts down the player by tapping the ‘x’ button.

Users can tap their profile picture in the upper right corner,[設定],[新しい機能を試す]to the[キュー]scroll to[試してみる]You can manually enable this feature by tapping the button.

Testing is available until January 28, the report added.

Earlier this month, YouTube announced that it would display an estimated time to process a user’s uploads to help users decide when it’s appropriate to upload.


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