YouTube set to launch new progress bar for videos on Android devices

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angels [US]December 31 (ANI): Video-sharing platform YouTube has announced a major layout change just as we’re about to enter the new year.
The multimedia website has tested a video progress bar that is more subtle than the original red video progress bar users have seen so far, according to a report by US-based tech portal 9to5google.
So far, this bar has only appeared on some Android devices in the website’s “dark theme” option, and aims to provide a less intrusive user interface for the viewer.
9to5google reports that the progress bar color is “white/gray” when playing videos with YouTube’s dark theme. Under these circumstances, YouTube does not record the amount of videos loaded.
Interacting with the scrubber or tapping to reveal the control will help the progress bar revert to its previous behavior and fade out the UI.

Outside of YouTube’s video player, red is still visible in the main feed, confirming that red is still the platform’s accent color. The progress bar color change is meant to improve the viewing experience, according to 9to5google.
Meanwhile, the platform, owned by tech giant Google, has begun testing queuing systems on iOS and Android operating systems.
According to American technology news website The Verge, the feature has been available on the web for years and will appear in the YouTube app under certain circumstances.
People controlling Chromecast on their mobile phones are likely aware of it, as are people using the YouTube Music app. YouTube Premium users who have opted into testing now will be able to add videos to stacks, which act like temporary playlists, according to the outlet.
With this feature enabled, users will see a new menu of three vertical dots displayed on video thumbnails.[キューの最後に再生]You will have access to the button. (Ani)

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