YouTube Music tries letting you build your own radio station

Algorithms are still true DJs

radio for streaming music app. It’s a silly little anachronism that we accept as listeners. Entities we don’t know personally have curated some songs based on just a little bit of interest: genres, artists, albums, or even specific songs. boom! It’s a magic radio station. However, YouTube Music may soon offer a way to add some ingredients to make a radio stew.


A new feature called “Create Radio” is hitting some users. Call-to-action cards on the home screen are a big draw for them.

Just like when first set up, users choose from a set of artists to include in their station, then proceed to the screen and choose whether the mix consists of known, unknown, or both. I can do it. There are several other toggles for deep cuts, moods and other spices. A playlist is then generated.

As documented by u/notjhoan and a few others who have this feature on the r/YoutubeMusic subreddit, it seems users cannot add playlists to their library. The inclusion of Mäneskin’s ‘Beggin” on radio stations where K-pop artists gather… is also a choice made. Just a list is a bit unwieldy to say the least — Attention Google developers: workflow please. thank you.

Of course, A/B testing capabilities aren’t always a permanent addition. That said, Spotify has toyed with the concept as a joke from time to time, so perhaps YouTube Music wants to take a fighting bet here.

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