YouTube Music is testing live lyrics when casting on a TV

YouTube Music is adding live lyrics to its Cast interface. Cast the app from your Android phone to a compatible external display and you’ll see time-synced lyrics that automatically scroll to the song. It looks like Google is testing this feature with a small group of users. If all goes according to plan, a broader public launch should follow soon.

YouTube Music may soon show live lyrics on TV screens

Google has not announced this update to the YouTube Music Cast UI. But a Redditor has already picked it up and shared the news on its YouTube Music sub-Reddit, with a photo showing the live lyrics in action (projector cast from Pixel 6 Pro to Chromecast Ultra). increase. As you can see in the attached image below, the updated Cast UI moves the album art, song title, and artist from center to right. This gives enough space for the lyrics on the left.

A Redditor noted that the album art is initially displayed in the center, with no other text. Once the lyrics start appearing, move to the right and add the song title and artist below. The lyrics are displayed on the left in relatively large font, against a blurry background featuring a zoomed-in version of him on the album art. Several lines of the song are displayed, with the current line highlighted at the top. Automatically scrolls the lyrics up as the song progresses, keeping the current line on top. Songwriters are credited at the end of the song.

YouTube Music’s casting UI seems to get lyrics from the same place as the mobile app. The whole interface is reminiscent of Apple Music’s lyrics UI, and that’s not a bad thing. If the song has no lyrics, the album art, song title, and artist will still be centered. Google recently updated this UI as well. The album art shrinks, has rounded corners, and the background switches from a gradient color to a blurred enlarged version of the album art. Song progress bar no longer appears in casting UI.

Google is still testing this change

As mentioned above, Google seems to have recently started testing this change to the YouTube Music Cast UI. No word yet on when this feature will be available to everyone. But I hope it won’t be a long wait. We will keep an eye on future developments and let you know as soon as we have more information.

YouTube Music live lyrics casting UI

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