YouTube Music finally gets redesigned Library tab on Android and iOS

YouTube Music is rolling out a redesigned library page.

YouTube Music is getting a library UI overhaul after its 2018 re-release


  • Updates to the YouTube Music Library interface are rolling out to Android v5.38 and iOS v5.39.
  • The rollout appears to be gradual, so it may take some time for the changes to reach everyone.
  • The redesigned library features clean tabs for instant access to playlists, songs, albums, and more.

YouTube music The design overhaul of has finally taken place. library page. The app has undergone several design changes over the years on both Android and iOS platforms, improving the playlist interface, media controls, settings layout, and more. however,[ライブラリ]Tabs have remained largely the same since the 2018 relaunch.

YouTube just tested Library UI redesign A few users joined in August 2022, but reverted within a few weeks.Now with new design changes YouTube music The library is being rolled out to users with some additional updates.

YouTube Music: Redesigned Library UI

according to 9to5Google,Was updated YouTube music The library interface is deployed in both Android and iOS versions of the app. Reported to appear on Android version 5.38 and iOS version 5.39 after force-stopping the app. The rollout appears to be gradual as we were unable to confirm any changes.

The publication shared screenshots of the design overhaul, which includes a new user interface with cleaner elements.The category list and recent activity carousel have been removed, allowing users to quickly navigate to playlists, songs, albums, and more. is now accessible.

YouTube Music redesign

The YouTube Music Library page has been redesigned. (Image credit: 9to5Google)

[ライブラリ]A drop-down menu has been added to the top of the tab,[ライブラリ],[ダウンロード],[アップロード],and[デバイス ファイル]You can switch between four different views of the .This menu contains the[ライブラリ]You can also double-tap the tab option to access it.

[履歴],[キャスト],[検索],and[アカウント]button in the header[ライブラリ]It’s right next to the tab. This is followed by filter tips that allow you to narrow down the results displayed in the tab based on several categories such as playlists, songs, albums, artists, etc.

YouTube Music redesign

The YouTube Music library page has been redesigned. (Image credit: 9to5Google)

These filters also include a new Downloaded filter when you select the first three and a new Subscriptions filter when you select Artist. The floating action button on the tab lets you add new playlists, but the filter tip toggles to “shuffle all”.

The Library page shows recent activity by default. However, it can be changed using the dropdown menu below the filter tip. This allows you to switch between Recent Activities, Recently Added, Recently Played, and Alphabetically.

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