YouTube is testing grey/white-coloured progress bar on Android

YouTube, the world’s largest video streaming platform, is testing a gray progress bar in its Android app. 9To5GoogleIt’s currently only available in beta for the app, and so far the new progress bar has only been reported by a small number of beta users, suggesting the change is limited to A/B testing. I’m here.

The progress bar appears in new colors only when Dark Mode is enabled and the video is played in portrait mode. The progress bar changes its color to red as soon as you interact with it or when Dark Mode is turned off. Google is testing this change to reduce distractions when using apps in low light suggests that

Apart from that, the rest of the app seems to have the same set of colors as before. Google can make the rest of your app look similar. That said, this is just one of Google’s many experiments and may not make it into the stable version of the app.

Recently, Google redesigned the YouTube app, introducing a translucent background around the video player area and circular icons and containers for comments. Also, some of these changes have come to his YouTube app on smart TVs.

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