YouTube is testing “Add to queue” feature for Android

Last updated: Dec 15, 2022 05:59 UTC+01:00

YouTube Desktop already has an “Add to Queue” feature that lets you add the next video you want to watch after you’ve finished watching the current one. Using the “Add to Queue” feature will add it to the list below the miniplayer. YouTube is currently testing new features for his Android and iOS.

Now on Android and iOS, you can use the Save for Later or Save to Playlist features to get back to videos you want to watch later. However, using these features will save your videos forever, so you’ll have to manually delete them after watching. Adding videos to the queue is temporary and you don’t need to manually remove them later.When this feature rolls out to Android and iOS, tap the 3-dot overflow menu next to the video and tap the[キューの最後を再生]You can select options. Note that this does not apply to YouTube Shorts.

When you add a video using the options above, it will be added to the queue at the bottom of the miniplayer. You can easily drag videos to reorder them in the queue. You can also swipe left to delete videos in your queue. There are also other options to repeat and shuffle. Closing the miniplayer also clears the queue.

When you play something, it is added to the queue and can be undone.As pointed out by 9To5Google, “Line Up What To Watch” is specifically promoted as a YouTube Premium feature and is available to Premium subscribers. To use this feature, profile avatarselect settingand hit try new featuresOnce selected, it may take a few minutes for the features to load. This feature will be tested on YouTube for Android and iOS until January 28th, and will roll out shortly thereafter.

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