Your Thursday Kickoff: What’s the plan for LAFC and how terrifying is it? 

Well, Chicho Arango’s last big moment in LAFC happened to be a big one. Western The injury-time winner (and subsequent celebration) against the Galaxy in his conference semifinals will hold its place in LAFC lore for a long time. Because it’s very strange that the weight of the moment and what it entailed, and that it would be his last significant moment for LAFC.

There are understandable reasons for his departure. Apparently, he wanted a bigger deal, which probably meant a DP deal. can be seen closely.

But see you later. LAFC has an open DP spot and Arango has scored 30 goals and 7 assists in his 43 games. He finished eighth last season in goals without penalties per 96. He is 27 years old. And it’s a surface level thing. Here is the list of starters with the highest expected goals and highest expected assists per game last season: Lucho Acosta, Romelu Chioto and Hani Muktar. That’s the full list. Um… um… looks like a DP class player. The fact that they had him on the TAM contract at any time is another hilarious representation of how stacked the LAFC team was last year.

Of particular interest is the fact that LAFC is gearing up for a deep run of CCL. Players like star midfielder José Cifuentes and left-back Diego Palacios haven’t gotten the kind of offers anyone would expect and most of the European windows are officially closed. They added free agent centre-back Aaron Long. This team probably needs a little more depth in the midfield, but if everyone is in good spirits they could do even better than last year’s group. They certainly have the firepower to win the CCL.

They would also have landed in the middle of the season and had the kind of continuity they needed to take on their CCL opponents. Will it make a move? But for now I prefer Arango.

To get to all these big questions, I say all things: What are they planning and how terrifying is that?

There is an old, historically inaccurate story about an enemy army ready to attack a city guarded by a famous general and his men. The problem for the famous general and his men is that they know they are completely outnumbered.The general tells his men to make everyone in the city invisible, including himself. said to When the city appears empty, the general goes to a place where he knows he can see enemy forces, sits down on his back and starts blowing his whistle. Convinced by the strangeness of his actions, the enemy forces fully believe that if they attack, they will step directly into an ingenious trap. They are freaked out and leave the city uncaptured.

I am the enemy army now. I’m freaking out because the LAFC are sitting there playing their flute and all I can think about is what they plan to do next. And instead of fake traps, they very likely have something really terrifying along the way. It feels like the kind of move you wouldn’t do unless you’re executing your plan with extreme confidence.

LAFC co-president and general manager John Thorrington said in a statement: This transfer gives us the resources and flexibility we need to continue our trophy-winning ambitions. ”

“We didn’t want to give Arango a DP deal because we think we can do better.”

i don’t know what the answer is. I know LAFC has a tremendous amount of proof of concept at this point. It’s wild to me not to give them the benefit of the doubt. Someone they see as an improvement is approaching. If they are correct, we can move on and finish the Western Conference.

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