Your iPhone 13 is now worth less when trading in for a new one with Apple

Remember that $50,000 Mac Pro worth less than the base-model iPhone 14 Pro? Well, this isn’t the only machine worth less than the entry-level iPhone. Apple has updated trade-in prices for iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch models ( McRumors), you better sit down and read this news.

The last time Apple changed its iPhone trade-in price was in November, a few months after the company announced the iPhone 14 series. If you’re holding an iPhone 13 Pro Max now, you know it’s not worth much to Apple. This is the maximum amount the company will pay for each device. Those not listed had no price changes:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: $6570 (down from $650)
  • iPhone 13 Pro: $470 (down from $550)
  • iPhone 13: $400 (down from $450)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: $400 (down from $480)
  • iPhone 12 Pro: $330 (down from $400)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: $280 (down from $330)
  • iPhone 11 Pro: $230 (down from $250)

Apple has also changed trade-in prices for some Macs, but there’s good news. Perhaps because the M1 machine is no longer the latest release, Apple has increased the trade-in price.

  • MacBook Pro: $670 (vs. $630)
  • MacBook Air: $460 (vs. $440)
  • MacBook: $110 (vs. $100)
  • Mac mini: $340 (vs. $305)

Last but not least, there are price changes for the Apple Watch as well.

  • Apple Watch Series 7: $160 (down from $155)
  • Apple Watch SE: $65 (down from $70)
  • Apple Watch Series 5: $75 (down from $80)

You can find a full list of trade-in values ​​on Apple’s website. Unfortunately, if you own a 13 series iPhone, you may need to sell it elsewhere.

Also note that the Mac Pro top price remains $1,250.

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