You will soon be able to dual-boot Windows and Android on Surface Duo

The DuoWOA (Duo Windows on ARM) project is rapidly approaching an important milestone. According to the developer, a brave customer interested in replacing Android with Windows 11 will soon be able to maintain two operating systems in dual-boot mode. Gustave Monce, who made it possible to turn the Surface Duo into a Surface Neo “mini”, has revealed details about his latest DuoWOA development on his Twitter account.

According to the developer, most people interested in the project want to address three notable things before pulling the trigger to install Windows 11 on their 1st or 2nd generation Surface Duo. I’m in. These include the ability to boot Windows without an additional device, the ability to dual boot Android and Windows, and the ability to lockback the bootloader. Once Gustave completes the necessary updates and documentation, all three items are delivered to the customer.

The user can select Android or Windows at startup by closing and opening the device at startup. This month’s update also adds other features, restoring previously broken apps such as McDonald’s, Netflix and banking applications.

Speaking of other Surface Duo news, a new report recently surfaced with details about Microsoft’s next-generation Android smartphone. Rumor has it that Microsoft has scrapped plans to release another dual-screen smartphone in favor of a more “traditional” smartphone with a single foldable display. Additionally, Microsoft is reportedly working on a traditional slab-like phone under the Surface brand.

Anyone wanting to get their hands on the Surface Duo should act now and get the device for $314.99 while supplies last. Unfortunately, the Surface Duo 2 is nowhere to be found, including his website at Microsoft.

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