You can now use Google app’s Material You design on your Galaxy phone

Last updated: Jan 27, 2023 06:22 UTC+01:00

After being spotted months ago, Google is finally rolling out the redesigned Material You for the Google app on Android as a beta. You’ll immediately notice the change in the bottom bar because we’re using a Material You element that contains a round indicator. This matches perfectly with the new search filter carousel.

Unfortunately it doesn’t use the dynamic color scheme yet and gives you a default blue accent. The indicator is short and not as high as almost every other Google app that has received a Material You makeover. Also, as 9To5Google pointed out, Google Apps is getting the latest account switcher after Google Messages and the web.

Tapping your profile avatar in the Google app reveals a switcher page painted with Material You in dynamic colors. Applying dynamic colors was inconsistent and should have been available in the bottom bar as well. The account switcher page shows which account you’re logged into, followed by search history, delete last 15 minutes, results about you, reminders, search data, settings, and help and feedback options.

Additionally, the settings page for the Google app has been completely revamped. In the dark theme he added AMOLED black background. This matches the Material You settings page for other apps. Below the header is a circular Search by Settings search field. Elsewhere, there is a Material You toggle. The new Google app has a new look with the latest beta 14.4.

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