You can download the source code for the iconic Apple Lisa from 1983

The Apple Lisa home computer first appeared 40 years ago and launched in 1983 for US$9995, inflation would push it to over 30,000, but it brought some groundbreaking additions to the PC world. brought. Along with the idea of ​​a graphical user interface (GUI) for interacting with your desktop home computer, a crazy new concept was introduced called the computer mouse.

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Apple Lisa (1983)

The complete source code for the Apple Lisa, including system and application software, is available thanks to the Computer History Museum (CHM). As part of the announcement, CHM cites one of the most talked-about stories in computing history. That’s when Steve Jobs and Apple visited his Xerox and saw it sitting on a potential killer feature in the form of a GUI. And they “borrowed” his Apple Lisa idea.

The simple idea of ​​windows for different applications, folders, and point-and-click navigation was what the Apple Lisa brought to the masses. And you could do it all with just 1MB of RAM. This is not a typo. We are talking 1 megabyte of memory, which was considered huge at the time. It also had a 32-bit Motorola 68000 processor and a 364 x 720 resolution bitmap display.

You can download the source code for the iconic Apple Lisa from 1983 03.

Apple Lisa 2 GUI

However, the Apple Lisa was not a commercial success and is considered by many to be a failure. It also triggered the launch of the lower-priced Lisa 2 the following year, which also failed to live up to expectations. But eventually the Apple Macintosh was released. This has become one of the most popular home-made computers of all time, thanks to Lisa’s addition of groundbreaking features such as his GUI and mouse.

Windows followed Lisa and Mac in adopting a new interface style and was a bit behind the GUI party.

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