Yes, Skype is still around, and it just got redesigned

Skype used to be one of the most popular apps/services for video calling. Well, at least in some areas. It was flying high, but no longer. Many people forgot that this app still exists, but Microsoft just released a new design for this app. Skype was redesigned about a year later. Now, it seems that Microsoft still believes in it, even though they are currently focusing on Teams.

Skype has been redesigned with some new features

However, this is not just a visual overhaul, it also includes some new features. By the way, this was quite a visual overhaul and the app looks different now. However, in most cases this is a change for the better.

There are quite a few themes to choose from

There are quite a few themes to choose from now. Of course, both light and dark modes are supported. The colors you choose for your theme are used throughout the app and work in both light and dark modes.

Microsoft also introduced contrast themes for accessibility. This is actually great for those unfamiliar with the whole thing and a feature that more developers should use.

You can now make video calls with up to 100 people

Skype can now be used for video calls with up to 100 people, and there is no charge, regardless of call duration. Microsoft has also improved the video call layout. All controls are now easily accessible.

Real-time translation is also coming

Microsoft is also bringing real-time translation to Skype. You can already translate user voice and text in chat, but soon it will also include real-time voice translation. Real-time voice translation seems to actually sound like your own voice.

Microsoft is also adding a “Today Tab” to the home screen. This tab shows his news in Skype, which you can easily share with your contacts. Of course, you can also personalize your news feed.

Coming soon to everyone

However, we do not know when this update will be released. Doesn’t seem to be available yet. Microsoft also used an iOS image to present the update, but it’s almost certain that it will apply to both platforms.

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