Xiaomi 13 Ultra model numbers and code-name allegedly come to light in new leaks

A recent 13 Ultra render. (Source: Xiaomiui)

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is coming soon as an upgrade to the OEM’s current Leica branded flagship Android smartphone, the 12S Ultra. Now, according to the latest hints, it has surfaced in the form of revealing model numbers for the Chinese and global markets. In that regard, there may be some bad news in this new leak for Indian fans of mobile devices that make heavy use of super-premium cameras.

The ’13 Ultra’ is currently depicted as replicating the giant round central camera hump of its purported predecessor, the 12S Ultra, but this time it’s slightly cleaner and has a larger central lens. .

This potential iterative design upgrade is also purportedly starting to appear in the IMEI database, suggesting it’s actually on its way to launch. xiaomiui claims to have discovered 13 Ultra as 2304FPN6DC in China and 2304FPN6DG elsewhere.

However, according to another leaker, WHYLAB, this does not include India. So we may see a third model number (2304FPN6DI). Or that Xiaomi has absolutely no intention of releasing the next-generation Ultra in that county.

in the meantime, xiaomiui It also claims to have figured out the exact build of MIUI that the 13 Ultra launches out of the box, based on the alleged codename. Ishtar.

Again, the version number is said to be different between China and International units: 22.11.5 (for devices) ishtar_pre) and 22.11.28 (ishtar_pre_global) Respectively.

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The identifier of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has been reportedly leaked.  (Source: Xiaomiui)
The identifier of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has been reportedly leaked. (Source: Xiaomiui)

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