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St. George, St. Vincent and the Grenadines March 18, 2023 ( – The blockchain or web3 ecosystem is saturated with so many projects. Projects of little or no value to people, businesses, society, and the world at large. There are many projects whose main purpose is to infiltrate the ecosystem, trick people, and obliterate them, rather than solving problems. Some projects are in the ecosystem and milk people, while others are created by millennials for their personal interests and then collapse. It’s a trajectory. However, there is a turn of events as the project is set to take the world by storm and affect it with all its ramifications. From CARE to CHAT, PAD and many more. The project name is WORKS.

Works is a new service token that powers Works applications. Work is a complete package, a global application built by a team of formidable personalities, high morals and individuals who have carved out a niche in the WEB3 ecosystem. Works was founded by his CEO Dimeji Tomori and Rajesh Chinnadurai. Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder, Dimezi has led companies such as GE, HP, and Johnson Controls to drive excellence in operations, programs, and ongoing engagement that deliver innovation, customer value, improved quality of life, and employee engagement. We have made improvements and made effective changes. Rajesh Chinnadurai is a co-founder/executive of the India-based IT department, his director and managing director of various companies, grounded in his innovative excellence in technology, The web3 space is at his fingertips. Lastly is his Pralay Mandal, his expert on sound blockchains. He is highly skilled in blockchain technology and blockchain-based solutions for business purposes.

Additionally, the project is premised on meeting an important need of the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. This is about the need for more applications to power the next future not only of web3 but of technology as a whole, hence the birth of WORKS.

WORKS is an all-inclusive platform and definitely the current rave. This is his first DeFi project aimed at developing and creating a market for services that serve the needs of the world. WORKS is a people leaning project because everyone on the platform has a project use case.

Works is a unique platform because of its focus on putting various markets under one roof, thereby increasing the effectiveness, availability and access to various services via Work Tokens. improve.

Work is another project in the web 3 space. It is a revolutionary protocol aimed at harnessing the power of decentralized systems to empower average users, making it unique unlike bandwagon projects in the global space.

This project is poised to solve many problems and create positive options. From digital freelance services to healthcare services, customized fast and secure messaging apps for various projects, launchpads for promising projects, NFT marketplaces, smart chains for developers to develop various dApps, From charity platforms that give back to the community, this definitely shows that WORKS is for everyone.

During that time, all Works products will be developed within the Marketplace. The expectation is to have a one-stop-shop marketplace that meets the needs of the community and its people. We create products that provide Works Digital Services. Talent can access the Works Marketplace and secure their future by undertaking high-paying projects that last months or years.


It is a unique token as it facilitates rapid transactions on the protocol and allows users to access cheaper fees while interacting with the platform. It also serves as a utility and governance token that gives owners a say in how things are run on the platform. Looking at many projects, we can see that most users and investors still have no say in the token. But with WORKS, not only is the transaction fast paced, but the fees are low, making it affordable for the average man. On the other hand, the total supply is 150,000,000 WORK, but he will only distribute 50,000,000 tokens initially. Distributed users have access to work his tokens during public sale events and airdrops.

WORKS will have a special sale at GEMPAD as IDO. WORKS Will Also Do IEOs On Coinstore And Two Other Tier 2 Exchanges

The WORK project is based on four major elements: Work Chat, Care Works, Work Pad, and Work Foundation. These are the four main components that the work project covers.

work chat

Work Chat is a unique application for messaging. A fast and secure application built on blockchain technology. Work Chat is a platform where individuals can create voice notes and send emojis. Suitable for users including freelancers, small businesses and even large enterprises.

What makes Work Chat unique, apart from being built on a blockchain ledger, is that user privacy and security are top priorities. This app employs two layers of end-to-end encryption for all data. So your chats are protected, protected and confidential.

care works

The global healthcare system has overcome many challenges. One of the problems facing the world is getting patient health records and certified medical professionals to diagnose illnesses rather than phony them. Care WORK app will solve it. Patient data that tracks patient health and medications is also stored on an immutable distributed ledger. This means the information can be easily accessed and used for future treatments if needed. Unlike what’s available today, tracking medical records can take months, but Carework makes it easy.

work pad

This is a community-controlled, decentralized, multi-chain-powered Launchpad that helps new projects raise funds. Work Pad is for other projects as the platform accommodates pre-sales such as his ICOs and IEOs, assisting projects and identifying suitable investors.

At Workpad, projects undergo a vetting process and must pass the necessary tests to prove their value, use cases, market suitability, etc. Workpads are also designed to assist with projects such as marketing products, technical advice, and more.

work foundation

The Foundation aims to help underprivileged people and charities. Works not only puts millions of people to work, but also gives back to the community through philanthropy, so users can be confident that it is being put to good use for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

These four are the components of WORKS.

All four components use Work Tokens. Work Tokens serve as the medium or fuel of the protocol.

work token airdrop

Her airdrop has been launched so that investors and customers can get a glimpse of what to expect from this project. This airdrop is a promotional activity to bootstrap Works use cases. Airdrop will start from this week. The Airdrop is to further expand Works’ horizons and further demonstrate the token’s use cases and utility in several areas and ways, and many of her WORK tokens will be distributed this week.

Initial exchange offering IEO on COINSTORE.

To provide potential investors and users with a safer alternative to purchase tokens with funds directly from exchange wallets during the funding phase. WORKS has already been in talks with Coinstore management and Work Token will be listed in the next few days. This is an act by WORKS management to make trading seamless and easy for investors, potential investors and users.

Coin Market Capitalization Application (CMC Application)

All outstanding projects are listed on the coin’s market cap, and to show the seriousness and stubbornness of her project, an application listing her work has been sent to CMC. This will undoubtedly take many years for the token, but as we speak, CMC is currently applying and the feedback so far has been tremendous.


In conclusion, WORKS is not just an established token, it is a project looking towards a better society and the future of the world. Moreover, WORKS is for everyone who wants the best and wants to break away from the standards of other for-profit only trendy projects.

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