Wireless-Charging Keyboards : cyberboard

Angry Miao ‘Cyberboard’ is a mechanical keyboard with a custom LED panel on the back that can display various animations and effects. The keyboard is inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics and Tesla’s ‘Cybertruck’ car. With 79 keys on a 75% layout and support for wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it’s the perfect keyboard for gaming and work.

Cyberboard comes in different editions and colors, each with its own unique design and features. The limited edition comes in his five exclusive color options: Cyber ​​Gray, Industrial Yellow, Purple Haze, Vapor White and Jungle Green. The Terminal Edition is a matrix-themed design with green LEDs and digital rain effects. The R3 Edition comes in four color options: Budapest Pink, Aquatic Green, Cloud White and Basalt Black.

Cyberboard is not only a great keyboard, it is also a high performance keyboard. It has a gasket mounting structure that realizes a comfortable typing feeling and keystroke sound. It features hot-swappable sockets for easy switch replacement. Their keyboard also features a high-capacity battery that lasts up to two weeks on a single charge and can be charged wirelessly via a desk mat or charging pad. Available.

Image Credit: Angry Miao

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