Wipro Sacks 450 Freshers For Poor Performance In Latest Tech Layoffs

Wipro said employees repeatedly performed poorly on assessments after training.

New Delhi:

IT services giant Wipro says it has laid off more than 400 entry-level employees. They have repeatedly performed poorly in internal assessments even after training, which has led them to join leagues at Google and Amazon, and he has joined Indian companies like Swiggy, which recently announced layoffs. week.

“At Wipro, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards. In line with the standards, we aim to set ourselves and ensure that all new hires perform at a certain level in their designated areas of work. We hope to have the proficiency,” the company said in a statement to NDTV.

“The evaluation process involves evaluating employees to align them with the organization’s business goals and client requirements. This systematic and comprehensive performance evaluation process involves mentoring, retraining, It will trigger a series of actions such as the separation of employees from the company,” he said.

“452 new hires had to be let go due to poor performance on assessments after training,” it added.

The Times of India reported that the company notified the affected employees that they were owed Rs 75,000 each for training costs, but the company “waived” the costs.

“We are pleased to inform you that the training fee of Rs 75,000 that you owe will be waived,” the dismissal notice by the Bangalore-based company reported Business Today.

Last week, the company reported a better-than-expected 2.8% increase in consolidated net income for the December 2022 quarter, showing optimism about “strong” bookings in the fourth quarter despite global headwinds. showed.

But it also warned that revenues from its main IT services business could decline this quarter as clients delay spending decisions, and the company’s peers have expressed concerns as well.

Having enjoyed a pandemic-driven boom, India’s IT services industry is now battling slowing spending, or at least delayed decision-making, as fears of a global recession grow.

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