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This year has been a particularly eventful one for Motorola. Motorola has released over 30 smartphones covering almost all price points. It also taps into the foldable market as it refreshes the iconic Motorola Razr.

But as with any big tech company, there are some good decisions and some bad decisions. We’ve collected Motorola’s best and worst for 2022.

Winner: Motorola Razr 2022

Motorola’s first two attempts at the foldable market had some great ideas, but ultimately fell short of expectations. Both his first Razr in 2019 and his updated version in 2020 were a little underwhelming.

By contrast, the 2022 Razr is a moral tale. A true flagship SoC with a bigger and better display, a better camera setup, a large battery with fast charging and a stereo speaker set. We especially liked how subtle the folding display creases were compared to other solutions on the market.

Granted, it may not be the cheapest phone, nor has it sold on the bucket road. I was sure we would get there sooner or later.

Loser: Moto G Series

Motorola has once again turned heads against the backdrop of its successful mid-range phones, but the company has gotten a little too conservative with this year’s edition of its most popular lineup. Only recently have they been recommended as best value, but now each recommendation comes with a long list of prerequisites.

Winner and Loser: Motorola

A few wrong decisions seem to have been made during the product planning stage, leaving the majority of Moto G phones lagging behind the competition.While IPS LCD is the default choice, many rivals have moved to OLED. . Camera experiences often come with big compromises as well.

SoC choices often mean no 4K recording. Last but not least, it lacks some features found in Motorola Edge smartphones with similar hardware. Market segmentation is cool, but it still only makes sense if you end up with a competitive product.

Winner and Loser: Motorola

Don’t get me wrong, the Moto G phones still have solid battery life and decent performance, so you won’t need a full reboot to get back on top, but they still need course correction. .

Winner: Motorola Edge Series

Motorola definitely hasn’t made the same mistake with its flagship line as it does with its Moto G lineup. The company spares no expense to provide the best possible experience on Edge smartphones.

Winner and Loser: Motorola

So the Edge family makes sense as an alternative to other top-tier smartphones. It has a great screen, a great design, a great camera experience, even from the budget Edge 30 Neo, fast charging, and a great set of software features. This includes the “Ready For” feature, which is a great alternative to Samsung’s much underrated DeX feature.

Loser: Motorola Software Update

For businesses that have mostly bare-bones Android installed on their phones, updates to the latest Android versions are getting slower and slower to install. Even top-of-the-line Motorola phones like the Edge and Razr series still run Android 12, with the first batch of phones receiving Android 13 coming “early 2023.”

Winner and Loser: Motorola

To begin with, the list of phones with Android 13 isn’t that long. Most of the devices are from his 2022, and the Moto G series from 2021 is completely overlooked.

Winner: US Market

Motorola isn’t one of the most popular brands in the world, but it’s definitely popular at home. The US market is very limited when it comes to the brands that exist and completely understaffed when it comes to budget smartphones.

Winner and Loser: Motorola

That’s why Motorola is successful there. The company offers excellent value for money in the context of the US market, where many of its China-based rivals have gone missing.It’s not that Motorola isn’t Chinese-owned, but you get the point. .

In fact, Motorola often offers US-only models that you might want to use in Europe or Asia.

Heading into 2023, we expect Motorola to offer more competitive mid-range phones and try to solve the software update problem.

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