Why This Decked-Out Smart Mixer is Actually a Big Deal

Think about the technological innovations that are part of our daily lives. flying car, bendable tablet Also Wireless TV that sticks to the wall with suction cups You may come up with it. (or perhaps one of these quirky, futuristic Also trendy gadgets.) But at CES, the world’s biggest consumer tech show, it was a humble item often placed proudly on the counter in the heart of the home. What really got me excited was the KitchenAid rivalry. GE Profile Smart MixerMy colleague David Watsky, senior editor at CNET, called it “unobtrusive genius,” and I agree.

The 10,000-foot view means the GE Profile Smart Mixer is a stand mixer with some really smart, thoughtful design elements and technology that makes sense for a home cook like me. More than that, this is the first time I’ve seen these smart features on a stand mixer. refrigerator, oven (Also this), vacuum cooker circulator, air fryerSmart technology belongs in everyday people’s kitchens — this is Summary of smart kitchen technology This GE profile smart mixer is the first in its category with enthusiastic users around the world.

Look at this:

First smart mixer announced by GE Profile


In addition, the GE Profile Smart Mixer $1,000 Crate & Barrel (It will also be available at other retailers in the coming months). It’s not some distant concept that may or may not come true, or some silly attempt to “smartify” a perfectly good device with apps or Bluetooth. Here’s what I liked.

The technical features of the GE Profile Smart Stand really make sense

First, a disclaimer: I had a GE Profile working model at a ballroom table with pretty spotty Wi-Fi. I haven’t had the chance to bake anything myself on a stand mixer. But I smashed a bunch of buttons to spin the paddle over the butter, lift the bowl mechanism, and pop in and out a few attachments like balloon whisks.

Here is what left an impression on me. First, GE didn’t just slap the app on his mixer stand. The mixer’s mechanical, “smart” design has everything from how attachments click into place (rather than spinning) to the built-in scale that reads weights in units of your choice. I found it convenient. You’ll need to grab another food scale and bowl to accurately weigh the ingredients before throwing them into the stand mixer. Save time and dirty dishes!

Now let’s talk about the “smart” part. There are several. In addition to the integrated scale, it has a built-in timer. Rotate the top dial to select a speed. When the timer stops, so does the mixer. By the way, the speed goes up to 11. According to GE, it’s a power setting that approaches emulsion.

Launch the app and select the auto-sensing mode for a guided recipe (such as meringue) and the GE Profile mixer will sense the viscosity and stop when it ‘feels’ it has achieved a firm and a soft peak.

Then there are voice commands for Google Home and Amazon Alexa. At the moment it just tells the stand mixer to turn off, but other commands are in development.

Any other tidbits?

  • GE profiles have a reverse mode. spin counterclockwisetough fabric jams or misses a spot, etc.
  • The work bowl is easily lifted into place with two paddle levers on the front. (I’ve had to wrestle with KitchenAid in the past.)
  • The paddle, whisk and dough hook attachments snap on (not twist) and have a quick release motion for clean access.
  • You can use KitchenAid attachments through the standard “port” on the top.
  • The work bowl and attachments are dishwasher safe.

I’m really looking forward to trying out the GE Profile Smart Mixer. I’m thinking of making my own vanilla macaroons.

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