Who is Eli Apple’s mom? Meet Annie Apple, mother of the polarizing Bengals cornerback

Eli Apple has established himself as one of the league’s most polarizing players during his seven-year career in the NFL.

The Bengals cornerback, who has previously played for the Giants, Saints and Panthers, has not kept his mouth shut. When he makes headlines, it’s usually something that happened off the field, not on the field.

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Latest example: After the Bengals blew the Bills in the divisional round, he took to Twitter to taunt Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen.

The jury is still very much in doubt as to whether Apple’s skills on the field are good enough to excuse his constant jokes. But even when the rest of the internet is attacking him, he can always count on one person: his mother Annie.

Who is Eli Apple’s mother, Annie Apple?

In her Twitter bio, Annie Apple describes herself as a writer/producer and journalist. She used to blog “Survivin’ America: Getting Through with Humor and Hope,” but her website doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

She was hired by ESPN as a contributor to the “Sunday NFL Countdown” in 2016.

“Annie caught our attention during the NFL Draft, and when we met in person on ESPN, we were impressed by her friendliness, sense of humor, and not being afraid to speak her mind. I was overwhelmed,” the producer of ESPN’s NFL Studio Show said of the hiring.

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However, many people know her on social media, where she boasts over 28,000 followers. on TwitterShe often uses this platform to protect her son from internet haters and to highlight his achievements in the field.

She’s certainly aware of her son’s reputation as a villain.

In Tuesday’s post, she encouraged all “Eli Apple haters” to tweet with the hashtag #LoveToHateEliApple. For every tweet using the hashtag, $5,000 was donated to the Cincinnati Salvation Army.

“Count your haters,” she wrote.

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Eli Apple will be fit for another big game on Sunday when the Bengals travel to Arrowhead Stadium for the second year in a row and face the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. After falling just short of Lombardi’s trophy last season, Cincinnati is about to finish the job this time around.

Many of Eli’s haters throughout the league— Including Tyreek Hill — couldn’t help but moan after his corner was burnt for two touchdowns against the Rams in Super Bowl 56. applause (NSFW) I mocked him in some posts.

Annie Apple’s feistiness on Twitter makes it even clearer where her son’s trash-talking tendencies came from. And after this weekend, whether Eli is hailed as a hero or condemned as a villain, Annie will definitely be ready to defend him.

After all, apples are never far from trees.

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