WhatsApp to allow Android-to-Android chat migration without Google Drive

WhatsApp Allows Android-to-Android Chat Migration Without Google Drive

January 14, 2023, 3:01 PM
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WhatsApp is also working on chat block shortcuts

WhatsApp is working on a new feature for Android called ‘Chat Transfer’. WA beta information.

The addon is currently in development. It will roll out soon in a future update of the app for select Android Beta users, followed by a broader rollout.

This feature allows users to move their chat history to new Android devices without using Google Drive.

Why is this story important?

  • Transferring data from one device to another has never been easier for WhatsApp users.
  • To retrieve this data, you must first back up your existing data to Google Drive and then link your Gmail account on your new device.
  • However, WhatsApp’s “Chat Transfer” feature allows individuals to seamlessly move their chat history to a new Android device without needing the help of Google Drive.

Feature still in development

according to WA beta information, the “chat forwarding” feature is still under development. However, the report was able to give us some insight into the upcoming features of WhatsApp.

The new add-on was spotted in the latest update of WhatsApp Beta for Android with firmware version number ( in Play Store.

A broader rollout timeline is not yet available.

How to use chat transfer

“Chat Transfer” allows for a faster transition by streamlining the process of transferring chats to a new handset.

The process begins by downloading WhatsApp on your new Android phone.

Once downloaded, you need to open WhatsApp, scan the provided QR code and provide some specific permissions.

After completing the steps above, the chat history migration process will begin in the new model.

WhatsApp has already introduced iPhone to iPhone data transfer

WhatsApp previously introduced iPhone to iPhone data transfer. After that, we also confirmed the release of Android to iPhone transfer function. The company is currently working on an easy data transfer method for his Android-to-Android model. This feature enables fast data switching on Android devices.

The platform is also working on a ‘block’ shortcut

WhatsApp also plans to introduce a new shortcut that will allow users to block unwanted accounts/contacts directly from their chat list.

Users currently have to open the chat to access their contact information and block the account.

However, upcoming features will make the blocking process easier and save you time.

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