WhatsApp rolls out new updates for Android and iOS beta

WhatsApp rolls out new updates for Android and iOS betas

January 10, 2023, 6:37 PM
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WhatsApp’s latest features will be visible to selected beta users

WhatsApp is rolling out new updates for its Android and iOS beta apps.

Speaking of Android, WhatsApp beta version now displays an alert notifying users that media with captions can be transferred.

Meanwhile, the WhatsApp beta on iOS adds a redesigned toast view when users delete messages. It also introduces fixes for crashing issues.

There are warnings when transferring media

In October, WhatsApp added the ability to transfer images/videos/GIFs with captions or documents on Android. This feature is now available to some beta testers.

Meta owned app now has an alert feature that pops up when a user tries to transfer a file.

A warning will appear stating, “Media and captions are now transferred together. You can always remove captions before transferring.”

Alerts ensure users are always aware

By showing popups, WhatsApp keeps you aware of new features every time you transfer something.

An alert notifies the user that captions are forwarded by default. However, users can remove captions from media before transferring it.

The alert feature acts as a gentle reminder to help users control what details are forwarded.

New interface for toast view in iOS beta

WhatsApp recently[元に戻す]We announced the ability to restore accidentally deleted messages by clicking .

Adjacent to the text “Message deleted” in a full blown horizontal popup at the bottom.

Well, this horizontal popup icon has been redesigned. It features short icons with rounded borders and translucent views.

This is a minor change, but improves the user interface.

New features are available for beta users

WhatsApp’s latest update is noticeable to users with Android and iOS beta apps of versions and respectively. If you download the latest beta app and still can’t see the changes, we recommend checking back later.

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