WhatsApp may soon allow users to transfer data from Android to Android without Google Drive

WhatsApp introduced the Move to iOS feature last year. Now, the Meta-owned Instant His messaging app is said to be working on a new feature that will allow chat transfer from Android to Android without the need for a Google Drive backup.

New Delhi,Has been updated: Jan 6, 2023 09:33 IST

By Divya Bhati: WhatsApp introduced a number of new features in the last year. Feature and security updates make the platform more secure and enhance the user interface. But more than that, as technology grows, the platform must grow and adapt to user requirements. For the same reason, the platform plans to deliver some useful and much-needed features in 2023. One of the reported features that WhatsApp is said to be working on is the new chat Transfer function.

Last year, the Meta-owned platform rolled out a new feature that allows users to migrate chat histories from Android to iOS using the Move to iOS app. But now, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a new chat transfer feature that allows users to move their chat history to new Android devices. The feature is said to be in development and will be rolled out in a future update of the app.

How does the chat transfer to android feature work

WhatsApp now offers Android users the ability to save chat history backups to Google Drive. Every time a user switches to his new Android phone, he has to login to his Google account, get a backup of chats and restore all chat history, images, videos and other data of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users will be able to[WhatsApp 設定]>[チャット]>[Android へのチャット転送]to be able to transfer app data from one phone to another.

In this way, users have a dedicated hassle-free migration option without having to protect their Google Drive backups.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working on other features, such as the Keep Messages feature. You will be able to. However, WhatsApp allows users to “unhold” a message at any time, permanently hiding it from the chat window.

Basically, how this feature works is that if the option to hide messages is turned on, the user can select some messages, save them temporarily, and the messages will be removed from the chat window. You can prevent it from disappearing. Saved messages show bookmark bubbles even after other chats have expired. In particular, WhatsApp allows all conversation participants to delete retained messages at any time.

This feature is said to be in development and can be seen in future updates.

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