WhatsApp introduces ‘Accidental delete’ feature on Android, iOS devices

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp on Monday introduced a new “accidental deletion” feature, a new layer of protection.

Send a message to the wrong person or group and accidentally[全員の削除]not[自分の削除]The company said in a statement that everyone was put in an uncomfortable position by clicking .

To solve this problem, the Accidentally Deleted feature allows you to restore within 5 seconds if you accidentally delete a message,[すべてのユーザーに対して削除]can be clicked.

This feature prevents users from accidentally[自分用に削除]I chose[全員用に削除]You can quickly retrieve deleted messages if you intended to.

The accidental deletion feature is available for all users of Android and iPhone devices.

Last month, the messaging platform announced the launch of a new “Message Yourself” feature in India.

Send notes, reminders, and updates in a one-on-one chat with yourself. This feature allows users to manage their to-do list on WhatsApp by sending themselves notes, reminders, shopping lists, and more.


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