WhatsApp adds proxy support to enable messaging during internet blackouts

WhatsApp adds proxy support to help users stay connected during internet outages. Meta-owned messaging apps allow users to connect to proxy servers to send and receive messages when the internet is blocked or restricted in their region. This feature is available globally on all platforms.

According to WhatsApp, proxy connections maintain the same level of privacy and security you already get. Prevents you from seeing conversations. Not even a proxy provider. Speaking of proxy providers, WhatsApp encourages volunteers, organizations and individuals around the world to host proxy servers where possible so that other users can communicate freely. I have provided a guide here.

WhatsApp launched the feature after the Iranian government blocked access to WhatsApp and Instagram in the country last year to quell protests following the death of a woman by local authorities. The company mentioned the incident in a blog post announcing the launch of proxy support. “Our hope in 2023 is that these internet shutdowns never happen. Chaos like the one that has been going on for months in Iran denies people their human rights and forces them to seek urgent assistance.” hindering,” he said.

The latest version of WhatsApp can connect to the proxy

WhatsApp proxy support is rolling out globally with the latest update of the app. In the Android app,[その他のオプション](three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the chat screen) >[設定]>[ストレージとデータ]>[プロキシ]You can find this feature by going to[プロキシの使用]without selecting the option[プロキシの設定]and enter the proxy address. Finally, tap Save. A green check mark appears to indicate that the proxy connection was successful.

If the connection fails, your proxy may be blocked or unavailable. In that case, you should try a new proxy address. You can long press the blocked address to remove it. Having multiple proxy addresses stored on your device is a safe practice. Once this news spreads globally, you should be able to find many of them on the internet, note that proxy providers can check her IP address. Third party proxies are not provided by WhatsApp.

In addition to Android, WhatsApp Proxy is also available for iOS and desktop apps, and a web client. You can download the latest version of the messaging app from the Google Play store to your Android phone by clicking the button below.

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