Week in Review: Murder investigation, Washington legislature, and tech layoffs

Bill Radke discusses this week’s news with freelance journalist Joanne Silberner, Alex Halverson of the Puget Sound Business Journal, and Elise Takahama of the Seattle Times.

Bryan Kohlberger was charged with murder by Idaho authorities this week in the November stabbing of four University of Idaho students. Kohlberger is a 28-year-old Washington State University Criminology PhD student. He was arrested in Pennsylvania on December 30th. What do we know about this case so far?

On Tuesday, Washington State Senator Pattie Murray briefly became the second-ranked presidential candidate when she was sworn in as acting president of the Senate. Her office is normally third behind the Vice President and Speaker of the House, but at the time, no Speaker was voted on when she was sworn in. Murray became the first woman in the nation’s history to hold the position. What is her reaction to the chaos in the House?

King County was selected as one of 15 counties to participate in the Centers for Disease Control’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The findings will help public health officials direct health policy and design public health programs. King County study participants are randomly selected. How impactful are the results of this survey?

On Thursday, the Washington State Nurses Association announced it would reintroduce a law enforcing a strict nurse-to-patient ratio. I am against this, saying that I might be turned down. Why do medical unions say this is important?

On Tuesday, both Salesforce and Amazon announced further layoffs. Salesforce lays off his 10% of its 70,000 employees, Amazon lays off his 18,000 workers, and his 10,000 projected in November. What kind of impact will you see locally?

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