Wearable Electric Three-Wheelers : electric three-wheeler

German designer Andrew Mosselin presents one of his most daring creations in the form of ‘Exo-Line’. It is a battery-powered, wearable electric tricycle that boasts exoskeleton-inspired design specs. A thrilling head-to-head position that allows you to zoom down streets and alleys.

The ‘Exo-Line’ electric tricycle is equipped with a chest pad that balances your weight with your feet resting on the footrests near the rear wheels. Meanwhile, the arm extends forward to hold the front wheel strut. It is said to be able to take cues from the movements of the rider’s body and provide an engaging and controlled ride.

Mocellin’s desire to create a “physically engaging riding experience” is paramount to this bold design, as the rider’s natural body movements and instincts influence the vehicle’s movement and weave. He said he was inspired by

Image credit: Andrea Mocellin / Exo Line

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