Wearable Conference-Focused Technology : bizzabo

Bizzabo, the event experience operating system (OS), has launched Klik Experiential, a brand that offers wearable onsite technology for flagship events. With Klik Experiential, Bizzabo’s event attendees have access to an in-person solution for registration, check-in, and lead search. “SmartBadges” allow users to check-in to sessions, download content, and network. Event hosts can access attendee data and streamline session management for a smoother experience.

“Marketers discovered the value of detailed real-time data insights when they moved to virtual events. Klik Experiential enabled organizers to build on what they learned from virtual events and We are inviting you to usher in a new era of ceremonies, the event is even brighter […]said Eran Ben-Shushan, CEO and co-founder of Bizzabo.

Image Credit: Visabo

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