We have Realme 10s specs before launch

Realme is planning to launch its latest entry in the Realme 10 series of phones. The device launches tomorrow, but we’ve got some pretty serious leaks today.

We’re all used to different variants of the same device, but Realme has really taken it to the next level. , Realme 10 4G, Realme 10 5G, Realme 10 Pro, and Realme 10 Pro+. It’s not like the company isn’t trying to tap into a wider market.

Realme 10s specs leaked

Let’s start with the leaked poster. It shows that this phone comes in two different colors.If you look at the picture you can see black and a bluish white that is almost pearly. The back panel seems to be made of glass and is completely flat. The two camera lenses protrude from the device with separate bumps. This is similar to the OnePlus Nord N300. Other than that, there are volume buttons and a SIM tray on one side of the device.

Now let’s dig into the specifications of this device. Sources believe the model number of this phone is RMX3617. A phone with that model number passed TENAA certification last month, according to sources.

It will have a sizeable 6.5-inch LCD display with Full HD+ resolution. The exact resolution is expected to be 1080 x 2408. It is also expected to run at a respectable 90Hz.

As for the internals, it’s unclear which processor it uses. All we know is that it might be using an octa-core processor. This can be backed up by 6GB/8GB/12GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB/256GB of onboard storage.

Based on the specs, the Realme 10s is expected to have a rather large 4880mAh battery, which could potentially be charged with 33W of power. We don’t know the price of this phone at this time, but we’ll find out when it goes on sale tomorrow.

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