Waze will soon pick up one of Android Auto’s coolest new features

Waze will soon fully embrace Android Auto’s split-screen mode

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Android Auto underwent a major redesign at Google I/O earlier this year. Among the new additions was the introduction of a nifty split-screen interface that makes better use of the car’s display. With the new version of Android Auto now in beta, Google Maps has added support for this multi-app dashboard. However, another mapping app from Google, Waze, has lagged so far, but that could change soon.


Many Waze fans using Android Auto Coolwalk (the codename for this facelift in beta) are disappointed that Google’s own mapping app still doesn’t support split-screen on car displays. The ability to view multiple apps at once so you don’t have to fiddle with the screen while driving is one of Coolwalk’s highlight features. For example, you can have directions on half the screen and a music player and messages on the other half.


Waze still opens in Android Auto in fullscreen mode, but some Reddit users recently noticed a popup message (via 9to5Google) suggesting an update was just around the corner. According to a fleeting message (as shown in the image above), Waze will soon add support for Coolwalk’s split-screen dashboard, but it doesn’t specify exactly how long that will take. Nonetheless, good news for Waze users who don’t want to wait long for their apps to fully support the new Android Auto.

You can also test the Android Auto Beta, which is available to everyone. Simply join the Android Auto beta program through the Play Store. But if it says the beta program is full, download the latest Android Auto beta from APK Mirror instead and check out the new layout before anyone else while waiting for Waze to catch up. can do.

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