Waze is adding support for Android Auto’s redesign ‘soon’

Android Auto started a major redesign in beta, but Waze lacks support for split-screen dashboard functionality. Support is now confirmed to be just around the corner.

Android Auto’s “Coolwalk” redesign introduced support for split-screen interfaces. This allows you to view two of his apps at once on any size display. Specifically, you can view mapping apps and media apps. Very useful, but currently limited to Google Maps and select media apps.

So far, Waze has not released support for the Android Auto redesign.

However, if the new message that some people see is to be believed, that will soon change. As some users found on Reddit, there is a message in Android Auto that clearly states that Waze will soon support a dashboard view.

Waze dashboard support coming soon

This message appears when running Waze on Android Auto, which has been redesigned above the app drawer button, which appears when the mapping app doesn’t support the dashboard view. I don’t have a timeline at the moment, but I have no doubt it will be available to users sooner or later.

Android Auto details:

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