Volt Inu proposes “burning the bridge liquidity” and deploying on Polygon

Manhattan, New York, February 10, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Volt Inu, a DAO-powered deflationary meme coin, is already making waves in the cryptocurrency community.and now the project in good standing We will take things to the next level by burning 44.85 trillion VOLT tokens to reduce liquidity on the bridge and launching the rapidly growing Polygon blockchain network.

But as one of the world’s leading Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), the community has the opportunity to hear and vote for this groundbreaking development before it’s implemented.

The revolutionary crypto project was first launched on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain network on December 19, 2021, with 100% of its supply allocated to Uniswap liquidity. Shortly thereafter, in January 2022, VOLT launched on his second blockchain (Binance Smart Chain, or “BSC”) to gain more exposure and pay gas bills for the Ethereum blockchain. We have provided solutions for people who cannot or do not want to pay.

“This move seems appropriate as it allows us to target a new user base while adding a new option to keep VOLT on the blockchain in a decentralized way at low gas prices.” Volt Inu said in a statement.

The multi-utility Meme Token has been a huge success with the BSC network having almost twice as many holders as the ETH network after the second deployment. The Binance Smart Chain network currently has over 39,000 holders, while the ETH blockchain contains 19,000 address holders.

After that, the token was listed on many exchanges, with a total of over 100 CEXs and DEXs, including the top AMM DEX. melega swapoffers farm and pool staking programs at a significant APR.

As a result, in the months following the migration and multiple listings, the team received regular requests from the community to list VOLT on a third blockchain. Polygon was mentioned most often.

Therefore, the Volt Inu team has submitted over 44 trillion VOLT tokens for writing and deployment to the Polygon blockchain for community review. Additionally, they are proposing to allocate 25% off Uniswap liquidity to the new blockchain to achieve this and ensure smooth transactions on the Polygon chain.

The team recognizes that the success of the project is highly dependent on community support and cooperation. For that reason, we use a mechanism known as the “single-choice voting” system. This allows each person to cast “one vote” to decide whether or not to implement the plan. VOLT remains committed to promoting transparency and inclusiveness in our decision-making process.

Volt Inu currently offers two different options for the community to choose from. The first option is to burn the current bridge liquidity and list her VOLT in the polygon network. A second option is to keep the status quo and proceed without deploying a Polygon network.

The current “single-choice voting” process, which began on February 5th and ends on February 12th, is intended to determine the future of VOLT tokens and their deployment in the Polygon network. Similarly, it seeks to reduce the liquidity of the bridge by burning 44,850,000,000,000 VOLT (currently worth about $56 million) out of circulation.

This multi-million dollar decision comes in light of the hacks cross-chain bridges have experienced in recent months. Therefore, reducing the number of tokens locked in the bridge contract can reduce the impact of such an attack (if it does eventually occur).

If the community decides to proceed with the first option, the proposal submitted to the DAO will be validated, leading to a new 24-hour vote to be submitted to EverOwn. This vote will validate and execute a withdrawal of 25% of the liquidity of the token. This is required for Volt Inu (VOLT) to be listed on the Polygon network.

If the community chooses to reject the first option and the proposal ultimately fails, the token will continue to work on the two current blockchain networks (BSC and ETH).

However, if proper precautions are not taken, trying to deploy the token into another smart contract on another blockchain network may pose its own risks, but the vote is already on its way to success. There seems to be

At the time of publication, the first option has 11 trillion VOLT tokens, representing a staggering 99.97% percentage. On the other hand, the second option has only 2.9 billion tokens allocated. This is only 0.03% of the total.

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