Vive Elite XR, VR and AR at CES 2023, Apple XR leak


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Weekly XR Recap: CES 2023 will traditionally be the first week of XR Week in January. There was also a significant leak about Apple’s upcoming XR headset.

Vive Elite XR

With the Vive Elite XR, HTC offers a VR headset with AR capabilities for consumers. Business version later. For around $1100, you’ll get a stylish, slim modular device that’s technically and design-wise better than the much cheaper Quest 2 or Pico 4 headsets, but you can’t beat the slightly more expensive Quest Pro. not reach.

Hover the HTC Vive XR Elite diagonally from below with the controller.

The Vive Elite XR is HTC’s latest headset. | | Photo: HTC

XR-CES 2023 news

Tech shows in Las Vegas traditionally bring a lot of XR news early in the year. In addition to the aforementioned Vive Elite XR,

Mojovision is running out of mojo

Or rather, Mojo Vision is running out of money. Mojo Lens AR contact lenses are an impressive piece of technology, reaching the test user phase, but Mojo Vision failed to attract more investors.

There are too many unanswered questions about the technology itself, its adoption, and the useful applications of AR contact lenses before the economy period adjusted to low risk. Focusing again.

mega apple leak

2023 should finally be the year of Apple Reality. Apple reporter Mark Gurman currently expects a presentation in the spring and a market launch for developers in the summer. After that, the general sale will take place in the fall.


Information leaked a number of details about Apple’s VR-AR headset this week. The headset also includes some unknowns, such as a reality wheel that can be used to switch between virtual and real world environments.

Upcoming Competition for LBE XR

The application of XR to attractions and amusement landscapes is covered by industry specialist Kevin Williams in his latest Virtual Arena column.

AI Conference Bans AI Text

With large language models like ChatGPT, pupils and students can automatically solve essays, papers, lines of code, and potentially even difficult math problems in the future. How will education systems handle homework automation with AI? ICML has found the first answer. The Scientific AI Conference has banned texts created with text generation systems.

Meanwhile, German professor of business informatics, Dr. Doris Weßels, calls on the education system to integrate new technologies into educational concepts. For more AI news, visit THE DECODER.

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