Virtual Android Controllers : razer kishi v2

Razer has updated its flagship mobile controller, the Razer Kishi V2 for Android, with an all-new virtual controller mode. This mode is available to all users as part of a free update to the Razer Nexus app available to all Android users as of January 20, 2023.

With this update, users will be able to use the Razer Kishi V2’s physical buttons to play all mobile Android games, even those that don’t natively support the controller. Once the application is installed, users can launch the interface with the push of a button on the Kishi V2 and enjoy useful features such as screen mapping, button customization, macro functionality, and other personalizations. Note that unlike many of its competitors in the mobile controller space, Razer’s Nexus app is his 100% free for all users.

One of the notable features of Razer’s virtual controller mode is that it doesn’t require root access to the device, as certain other mobile controllers do for this feature. This means users can be confident in their phone’s security while enjoying an almost endless library of video games on the go.

Image Credit: Razer

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