Veteran Android Gaming Redditor and YouTuber Nimblethor’s Best Games of 2022 List is Way Better Than Google’s

Redditor and YouTuber Nimblethor have put together a tier list of the best Android games of 2022 on Reddit. This is considerably better than Google’s efforts.

Users regularly review games on r/AndroidGaming and recently published a year-end roundup post of the best, or at least the most influential games of the year, ranked in terms of quality.

The poster conveniently tagged each game with a notice whether it was free or premium, and a link to a short review that provided an idea of ​​the rationale behind each choice.

A closer selection?

Earlier this month, we covered the 2022 Google Play Top Games list and took note of some of the weirdest awards that have puzzled the Android gaming community, to say the least. Dislyte winning top multiplayer wasn’t the result many expected.

Dislyte made it onto Nimblethor’s list, but ended up on the C tier, apparently creating a huge gap between opinions on the overall quality of the game.

Vampire Survivors became one of the top spots, but its surprise release came too late to take into account Google’s choice. It’s great to see it loved on this list.

Some universal preferences, some controversial choices

Both Nimblethor and Google agreed on Apex Legends Mobile, with the game reaching the top tier of Reddit lists and winning Best Game across Google Play.

Not everyone felt that Ni no Kuni: Crossworld’s ranking was justified in its own lowest category, but its autoplay and heavy pay-to-win aspects come at the cost of a lot of good intentions. There seems to be

Lists of all the best games are subjective, and depending on your priorities as a gamer, you may disagree with one or the other, but I love the summaries and I’m very positive about Nimblethor’s review. is contagious.

Anyway, it just might be the best Android game on the reddit list for 2022, at least until ours comes out.

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