Up-and-coming Transformers Academy PRESENTS The World’s live on-site event, “UNLEASHED: Work Life Accelerator Tour”

Yorktown, NY March 24, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Transformers Academy, which offers online courses to help you upskill, has announced a worldwide tour to train those starting their first jobs to those wanting to rise to management positions.

The UNLEASHED: Work Life Accelerator Tour will kick off in major U.S. cities in April 2023 and travel through Asia, the Middle East and Europe from 2023-2024. – Date information exchange and hands-on experience led by industry experts. The tour is divided into two weeks.

“Week 1. Upskill: New Challenges, New Achievements”: Designed for recent graduates or experienced individual contributors to effectively leverage the job market, skills development and tools like LinkedIn. We cover topics on how to make your career a reality. next level.

“Week 2. Unleash Your Career Potential: Get the Power to Dominate”: The program in this session is designed to help managers and executives advance their careers and become integral members of organizational leadership and teams. I’m here. Learn how to attract the best talent and improve your team management skills to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business world.

tour schedule

Spring/Summer North America: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto

Summer Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai

Middle East in Autumn: Qatar, Dubai

Winter to Spring Europe: London, Paris, Zurich, Copenhagen

Spring/Summer 2023

New York: April 24-May 5

Chicago: May 8-19

Los Angeles: May 22-June 2

San Francisco: June 5-16

Vancouver: June 19-23 *First week only

Toronto: July 3 – 7 *First week only.

time schedule

Group1: Monday-Friday 8am-12pm

Group2: Monday to Friday 1:00pm to 5:00pm



Early Bird: $245 (90% off)

Tier 1: $399 (85% off)

Tier 2: $699 (70% off)

General Admission: $2460


Early Bird: $299 (90% off)

Tier 1: $449 (85% off)

Tier 2: $799 (70% off)

General Admission: $2660

The world’s first tour by a female speaker, intensive tour of 16 cities in 3 continents (North America, Asia, Europe) for one year. Founder and CEO of Transformers Academy, her Olia Stasiuk offers this service to business people around the world looking to improve their skills. Stasiuk is the founder of 360 Transformers, her CCO of CrewFilter, a graduate of Harvard and Cambridge Universities, a book author and a certified global professional with over 10 years of experience in productivity coaching. resources (GPHR®).

With five days of one session, Olia and her team will work with you to hone your skills and take your career to new heights through keynotes, presentations, and workshops based on each day’s theme. . You’ll also learn from industry experts, participate in hands-on activities, and network with other professionals.

Each week, we’ll dig into:

Week 1. UNLEASHED: Work Life Accelerator Tour

First day:

Learn how to handle any interview

Maximize your LinkedIn potential for career success

the 2nd day:

Learn effective communication skills to work with anyone in the company

Unlock productivity with the latest tools and techniques

Third day:

Master the art of powerful presentations at work

Embracing diversity and inclusion to maximize team potential

Day 4:

Unleash the power of collaboration in the workplace

Maximize employee performance to accelerate career success

Day 5: (Limited)

free the mind of the manager

Understand the company’s business strategy and demonstrate its performance

2nd week.Unleash Career Potential: Get the power to rule

First day:

Master the 4-Position Interview Process for Top Talent

Unleash the power of LinkedIn to attract top talent

the 2nd day:

Learn effective communication skills to work with anyone in the company

Embracing diversity and inclusion to maximize team potential

Third day:

Unleash the power of team collaboration

Master the art of powerful presentations for any audience

From Chaos to Clarity, Techniques to Maximize Team Productivity

Day 4:

Maximize employee performance and accelerate team success

navigate change with confidence

DAY5: (Limited)


master business strategy

Olia explains the importance of this tour: That’s why we’ve created a special training program for the lucky few hundred who join us in each city. We bring you unparalleled knowledge and experience that will transform your life and career in ways never before possible. With our unwavering support, you can achieve the results you dreamed of. Take this opportunity to join us on a journey that will change your life forever. “

The number of seats is limited. Please register to make a reservation.

about us

We are an up-and-coming startup spun off from 360 Transformers (a human resources consulting firm) in 2023 in response to the huge demand for personalized development courses. The company strives to foster innovation, teamwork and creative freedom. Our platform offers over 75 courses of outstanding quality for every career need. From mastering the art of passing a job interview to becoming an inspiring executive his leader, we use the latest technology to ensure our courses are relevant, engaging, and impactful. I assure you there is. At Transformers Academy, we understand that career success is a journey, not a destination. That’s why we continue to support you even after you complete the course. We provide ongoing career guidance and support to help you navigate every stage of your career journey.

The release was created by Asuka Takahashi, Transformers Academy’s public relations team.

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