Unofficial LineageOS 20 brings Android 13 with microG to the Fairphone 4

For those who want to stay one step ahead of Fairphone’s software

There is no official release of LineageOS 20 based on Android 13 yet, but the LineageOS maintainers are hard at work on the launch and several developers have released unofficial builds in the meantime. If you own a Fairphone 4 and have been wanting to try out his LineageOS flavor of Android 13 and some extra features, now you can.

For those unfamiliar with the Fairphone 4, the Fairphone 4 is a mid-range smartphone from Amsterdam-based company Fairphone that stands out from the typical Android cloud with its repair-friendly design. Released in 2021 with pre-installed Android 11. The company has promised two major Android updates for him, but the Fairphone 4 has yet to get a taste of Android 12 through official channels. In any case, thanks to XDA JMember tfbb, the phone has received an unofficial build of LineageOS 20 with microG and F-Droid. We Are Fairphone community.

This is not an official release, so expect things to not work or bugs. So far, the notification LED is said to be buggy at times, but the rest of the build is very stable.

To try this unofficial build of LineageOS‌ 20 on your Fairphone 4, you need an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery installed on your phone. Luckily, the developer also provides LineageOS recovery his image to simplify the flashing process. But before you go ahead and flash your device’s ROM, be sure to create a backup of your data before starting the process. Otherwise, data may be lost during installation.

Note that this is not the first Android 13 custom ROM for Fairphone 4. For example, the CalyxOS project added the 4th generation Fairphone to its build roster a few months ago. Nonetheless, a pre-compiled LineageOS release with integrated microG support is crucial for privacy-minded Fairphone users who don’t want to sacrifice customizability for security.

Download unofficial LineageOS 20 based on Android 13 with microG and F-Droid for Fairphone 4

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