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Illustrated is a unique, beautifully illustrated puzzle game available to Apple Arcade subscribers on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Each puzzle begins with an illustration rendered as an early concept sketch, paired with the hidden words of the artist’s story behind the artwork.

Your objective is to strategically use both the illustrations and the story to solve puzzles.

Each time the pieces are placed correctly, the illustrations become more colorful, slowly revealing the words of the story. When completed, it reveals a full-color masterpiece and story in one piece.

Illustrated offers over 5 hours of custom-configured music and beautiful sound effects, providing an even deeper dimension to gameplay.

Game highlights include:

  • Hundreds of beautiful illustrations across a wide range of art genres by renowned artists from around the world
  • Currently featuring Van Gogh puzzles from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.Learn about Van Gogh and his artwork, and experience these masterpieces like never before
  • Creative gameplay with a unique blend of jigsaw and word puzzles
  • A charming puzzle for all ages.Hundreds of beautiful illustrations featuring a variety of artistic mediums and genres, created by artists around the world
  • Puzzle illustrations are paired with stories written by each artist, providing a glimpse into what inspired each to create their masterpiece.
  • Build puzzles together from anywhere in the world with friends and family in real-time multiplayer

If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, you can download Illustrated for free.

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