UNBOX 2023 Customer Experience Trends

Unbox Customer Engagement, Experience, & Loyalty Summit, Dubai UAE, March 9, 2023, Dubai Marina Hotel, 100 people from leading retail, e-commerce, BFSI, fintech, hospitality, healthcare, travel and government sector companies welcome more leaders

Dubai, United Arab Emirates March 8, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – New tools and technologies and global changes in consumer buying behavior have significantly improved customer engagement, experience and loyalty. Companies in the Modern Experience Economy need to integrate customer engagement and experience across advertising, marketing, sales, and delivery. You also need to emotionally connect with your customers to create personalized and emotionally connected experiences that foster loyalty. The frontiers of the future of customer-centric enterprises are shaped by digital-first and developing technologies to survive and thrive.

of 2023 Edition of Unbox Summit and Customer Experience Strategy Boardroom Empowering UAE Business Leaders at Address Dubai Marina Hotel, Dubai on March 9th and 10thQuestionPro, a global leader in full-circle research and experience management solutions that transform data into insights, is a headline sponsor.

To learn more about some of the emerging technologies that are reshaping the customer experience market, Sindhu Sreenath, Managing Director, QuestionPro EMEAAccording to her, the key technologies impacting digital-first companies looking to thrive in 2023 and beyond are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, chatbots, virtual assistants, augmented and virtual reality, big data analytics, and the internet. is. thing.

The post-pandemic environment of the past year has seen a number of developments redefining the customer experience landscape, she continued, citing the Middle East as an example. Increased digital use, enhanced health and safety, and sustainability are key improvements.

She also said, “Changing consumer priorities, the economic impact of the pandemic, consumers’ choice of value over luxury, and consumers’ emphasis on cost-effectiveness, quality, and reliability have impacted their purchasing patterns. brought about great changes and profound effects on

At the Unbox Summit, QuestionPro will showcase key technologies and innovations to significantly enhance and contribute to local CX initiatives with solutions such as reputation management, real-time AI-driven analytics, feedback management, customer journey mapping and analytics. I’d like to introduce_______ Sindhu Sreenath will talk about technologies impacting CX in the Middle East.

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