Ultra-Fast One-Person Electric Vehicles : airspeeder mk4

Australia-based brand Alauda Aeronautics has unveiled its new Airspeeder MK4 vehicle, a one-seater electric vehicle with take-off and landing capabilities known as eVTOL. This design allows the vehicle to go very fast with speeds up to 225 mph and a range of 180 miles.

It has a 1,000 kW Thunderstrike hydrogen turbogenerator, which is connected to the aforementioned eVTOL wing electric motor that powers the vehicle. It can also be fueled with hydrogen instead of traditional options. Unscrewed, the airframe weighs 2,095 pounds and has a 30-second time to reach top speed. It also uses a gimbal thrust system with artificial intelligence that coordinates a pair of four rotors.

Image Credit: Alauda Aeronautics

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