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LEXINGTON, Kentucky – With capacity expected inside the Lap Arena at Central Bank Center this weekend as Kentucky faces off against the 9th Kansas, the UK Athletics has issued an important reminder of ticket security to all fans. To do.

UK Athletics urges fans to be aware of counterfeit or invalid tickets. Only tickets purchased directly from the outlets below are guaranteed to be valid.

UK Athletics cautions against purchasing tickets through other outlets who may not be able to offer this guarantee. With a sold-out match like Saturday, that risk is magnified.

The frequency of financial and ticket fraud is increasing. Scams are becoming more sophisticated and harder to identify. UK Athletics have shared the following tips to keep their fans safe and secure.

Doubt the unusual:

A deal that sounds too good to be true probably is.

Requests to transfer money through a third party (CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, etc.) or to purchase gift cards in exchange for tickets are telltale signs of attempted fraud.

Requests for sensitive data such as passwords, bank account numbers, and social security numbers are also at risk.

UK Athletics is continuously working to implement technological advancements to provide a convenient and safe ticketing experience for our fans. To combat ticket fraud and counterfeiting, home printed (PDF) tickets have been discontinued at all UK Athletics venues. PDF and home printed tickets will not be accepted at UK Athletics venues nor will they be sold by UK Athletics authorized sellers. For more information on ticket security, please visit or contact our UK ticket office at (800) 928-2287 (option 4).

All UK Athletics tickets are barcoded and scanned for validity at the venue entrance. Entry with invalid or counterfeit tickets will be refused.

New this season Kentucky Athletics, Lap Arena at Central Bank Center When ticket master implemented Safetyx™ Ensure your fans’ mobile tickets stay secure as they attend events in Kentucky starting Winter Sports in 2023, including all basketball games.

To fight fraud, Ticketmaster launched SafeTix™. It uses an encrypted barcode that automatically updates every 15 seconds, so the barcode cannot be stolen and used by another fan.

The only change for fans is that ticket screenshots will not be accepted upon entry. Your mobile ticket will have a unique barcode crossed by a blue line. This enhancement helps prevent tickets from being screenshotted or being sold multiple times by unauthorized resellers.

Ticketmaster is home to the official and licensed resale platform for UK Athletics tickets, using barcode verification technology to ensure ticket authenticity. Resale tickets for Kansas games can be purchased through this link.

Ticket owners should also be aware of the potential risks of posting photos of tickets. Do not publish personal information such as your name, address, or credit card information.

mobile ticket reminder
UK Athletics tickets are now mobile-friendly for all home events. Make calls from your mobile phone, wait for your tickets to be emailed to you, enter venues quickly and contactlessly, and easily access and transfer your tickets to friends and family.

UK Athletics strongly recommends fans using mobile tickets to familiarize themselves with how to access their tickets prior to arriving at the Wrap Arena at Central Bank Centre. To expedite entry and avoid the risk of your mobile ticket not loading due to limited connectivity near the arena, add your mobile ticket to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay account before arriving at the venue. Additionally, fans should keep their phones charged and their screens at maximum brightness as they scan the venue.

For more information on mobile tickets, including step-by-step tutorial videos, visit

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