UAE jobs: Apple announces multiple vacancies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi – News

The tech company announced 10 new store openings nationwide

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Release: Monday, January 30, 2023 16:02

Last update: Tue 31 Jan 2023, 10:55 am

Global tech giant Apple is currently hiring in the country, with 10 vacancies listed on its website. The company is considering hiring at multiple locations across the country.

Below is a list of jobs and key requirements.


>> Share knowledge that inspires creativity with customers and employees

>> Individuals who can share ideas and realize visions

>> We support the creation of “good things” for our customers.


>> Introduce people to the world of Apple and turn visitors into loyal customers.

>> Interacting with team members and customers

>> Gain satisfaction by creating lifelong loyal customers

business expert

>> Connect business professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools they need for solutions that work for their business.

>> Learn about Apple products and help explore the possibilities

>> Passionate about building a successful business

>> Understand your business needs and enthusiasm for Apple

>> Provide powerful and innovative solutions for each customer


>> Maintain customer confidence in Apple as your product troubleshooting and repair expert

>> Use problem-solving and interpersonal skills to help Genius Bar customers resolve technical issues quickly

>> Educate your team members on the product and maintain your own up-to-date technical know-how

>> Excellent customer service and empathetic nature providing genius advice and support

operations expert

>> Guidance and mentoring team

>> Meet changing demand and ensure all products and demo machines are where they should be

>> Organizational skills and dedication to help people connect to products they love


>> Providing solutions for consumers to find their ideal products

>> Understand and fulfill customer needs

technical specialist

>> Range of intensive support and service tasks that become part of your daily routine

>> Ready to share knowledge and provide excellent assistance

>> Bring solutions and insights to each customer and improve their relationship with Apple

business pro

>> Responsible for developing and growing relationships with potential Apple Retail business customers

>> Ability to take a personalized, solution-based approach to customer needs

>> Superior business and sales acumen and knowledge of key SMB industries, business challenges and local community trends

>> Strong consulting expertise on Apple and third-party solutions

>> Lead a broader store team to help support an environment where business is integrated into the store culture

senior manager

>> Lead the staff and operations of one or more store areas, seeking solutions and outcomes that create a high-performing work environment

>> Read the situation quickly, act courageously, and lead your business to success

>> Promote the Apple brand with unparalleled customer service


>> Diverse Leadership Skills

>> Stay calm with each new challenge

>> Build and inspire high-performing teams that deliver positive customer experiences

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