Twitter suspended several journalists alleging policy violation

Twitter has suspended several high-profile journalists from various publications.The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell, The New York Times’ Ryan Mack and CNN’s Donny O’Sullivan were among the journalists whose Twitter accounts were suspended Thursday night. department. Elon Musk has said he violated the platform’s policies.

Musk cites new “docking” rules that led to the permanent suspension of @ElonJet, a Twitter account that tracks the real-time location of billionaire’s private planes. @ElonJet’s suspension came when Musk claimed a stranger attacked his car while his young son was inside. He later said the platform would stop anyone from sharing someone else’s real-time location without their permission.

According to Musk, the suspended journalists violated this rule. They posted his “assassination coordinates”, or real-time location. “It’s perfectly fine to criticize me all day long, but you can’t expose my real-time location and put my family at risk,” he tweeted after news of the suspension began to circulate.Donie O ‘Sullivan shared an interview with @ElonJet’s Jack Sweeney before he was suspended. Ryan Mack also questioned Twitter’s policy after @ElonJet’s suspension.

The suspended journalist has also been critical of Twitter and Elon Musk in recent weeks. The self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” recently banned rival social his media company Mastodon, but this ban came after the latter posted a link to @ElonJet. However, some have suggested that the ban was a deliberate suppression of competition. Drew Harwell has his disqualification after a tweet about Mastodon banning. Independent journalist Aaron Luper was also suspended after sharing a link to his Facebook page on @ElonJet.

Musk said last month he would not ban @ElonJet because of his commitment to free speech. However, he quickly disputed that statement, claiming that the information shared by the account endangered his family. Mashable’s Matt Binder retweeted his post questioning Musk’s claims before the suspension. NBC News senior reporter Ben Collins listed the suspended journalist accounts. twitter thread.

Twitter may soon reinstate suspended journalists

The suspended journalist may have been critical of Musk’s new Twitter policies, but it’s unlikely that criticism led to his suspension. His one of their recent tweets violated the new doxing his rules.Thankfully for them, it doesn’t appear to be a permanent ban. poll We asked Twitter users to vote on when accounts that shared their real-time location should be unsuspended. He let me choose between his two options, “now” and “within 7 days.”

As of this writing, nearly 1.5 million people have voted, 60% of whom say the journalist should be reinstated immediately. It remains to be seen whether Mr. Musk will lift the suspension after the poll ends. i will let you know.

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