Twitter might force users to personalize their ads

According to Platformer, Twitter is working on a new plan to save its advertising business by forcing users to opt-in for personalized ads. This could be part of Elon Musk’s plan to make up for losses after the company announced he was losing $4 million a day.

Platformer was informed that Twitter is considering personalized advertising as a solution to monetize its Blue service. However, this news must be confirmed by Musk or other sources within the company. Still, Musk shows that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep his company profitable, whether it’s selling high-end office chairs or kitchen gadgets.

After weeks of back and forth, Twitter has finally rolled out a new version of its Blue subscription service. Pricing is $8/month for web users and $11/month for iOS users. The first version was taken down soon after some users impersonated companies and caused their stocks to crash. However, the new Blue subscription requires phone number verification to prevent such incidents.

Twitter users must opt-in for personalized ads

The problem with the Twitter Blue subscription is that it costs about $6 in advertising revenue per user per month. The company also confirmed that Blue users will see fewer ads “soon”, and Musk talk About the “upper tier” ad-free version of Twitter Blue.

Speaking of ad-free Twitter, it’s consistent with the company’s efforts to keep advertisers on the app by offering them generous incentives. Of course, Twitter still makes a small amount of revenue from Blue subscribers, with advertising making up more than 85% of his revenue, so this could be a legitimate move.

The Twitter takeover has created a lot of distractions for Elon Musk. He is no longer the richest man on the planet, replaced by LVMH co-founder and CEO Bernard Arnault. Additionally, Musk’s cost-cutting campaign and forcing employees to work hardcore has caused dissatisfaction among employees.Whether Musk’s plans for Twitter will work remains to be seen. is.

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