Twitter is rolling out this timeline-related feature on the web

Twitter announced that it is rolling out a feature in its web client that will remember the timeline you were using the last time you logged in and set it by default when you log back in.
“Did anyone ask you to default your timeline to where you last left it? Starting today on the web,[あなた]or[フォロー中]Closing Twitter in a tab will return you to one of the tabs. This is the last timeline you opened,” the company tweeted.
The Elon Musk-owned company also said the feature is iphone When android Smartphone coming soon.

Twitter’s “To you” and “Follow” functions
Earlier this month, Twitter announced that users will be able to see the tweets they want to see. “Starting today on iOS, swipe between tabs to see Tweets you’ve ‘recommended’ and tweets from accounts you’ve ‘followed’.These tabs were basically used to make changes to the timeline earlier[ホーム]tab and[最新]It replaces tabs.
Plus, they “stick to the top of the timeline so you can easily switch between them.” Users can swipe further to switch timelines instead of tapping the star icon. Twitter support said the account.

In December 2022, Musk tweeted that Twitter was working to make it easier for users to switch between following and trending topics. “The main timeline should make it easy to swipe sideways between top, latest, trending, and followed topics. Twitter’s search navigation already does this after a search,” he said. He tweeted at the time.
Twitter community notes
Twitter recently announced that its community fact-checking program, Community Notes, is now available in four more countries. The program allows participants to “jointly add context to potentially misleading tweets.”

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