“Twitter For iPhone”, “Twitter For Android” labels removed by Twitter

Elon Musk, the richest person on the planet, has tweeted that Twitter will no longer show any displays (iPhones, Android phones, or even Twitter Web). A tweet has been posted.

He shared a tweet from Pubity with the caption, “Hallelujah!” I have notified the user of the situation.

Twitter’s new boss says the microblogging website will eventually stop adding devices where tweets are posted.

In November, in response to a user’s tweet, he wrote that Twitter would eventually stop including the device the tweet was made under each tweet (a waste of screen space and computing). Literally no one has a clue as to why we did what we did.

On Twitter, many users applauded the decision, with some sharing a meme about Samsung tweeting about the Galaxy Unpacked event from their iPhone. Already one of his companies, Huawei, was the target of his two memorable Twitter gaffes about the iPhone.

Company spokesperson Gal Gadot was first seen tweeting from his iPhone about how much he loves the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The promotional tweet was actually sent from her iPhone by a member of Gadot’s public relations team, and she immediately informed CNET that she loved the Huawei P20 and that she loved the Mate10 Pro. Added.

Twitter itself has also highlighted the benefits of this feature in their publicly available guide, and these Tweet Source Labels not only help users understand how a Tweet was generated, but also provide valuable insight into their message. For example, if a tweet is labeled “Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter”, it is clear that the tweet was posted on both Twitter and Mastodon.

Twitter’s help center claims that you can learn more about a tweet’s posting process by looking at the source label. The context of the Tweet and its creator is provided by this supplemental information. If the source is unknown, further research is recommended to determine how reliable the information is.

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